Rock Creek Clean Up 10/25/14

10_25 Rock Creek 1 10_25 Rock Creek 2Thanks to another great group of Water Watchers we collected about 400 gallons of bagged and a big pile of bulk trash from Rock Creek.  We’re up to about 1700 gallons and 2 truck loads thus far for the Fall clean ups.  Lots of heavy lifting  – lots of help from all ages!

Join us November 8th 2-4 pm  for our last clean up of the season.  Email us at to RSVP with your t-shirt size.

10_25 Rock Creek insect

Heather, one of our Water Watchers, found this insect Saturday and did some searching to figure out what it is.  Here is what she found.  “It’s called a Wheel Bug, due to the ‘wheel’ shaped hump on its back. J It eats smaller insects (mostly caterpillars) and uses a ‘sharp fang’ to kill its prey. It can bite humans but I think that’s if it feels threatened. Obviously the one I found seemed to take a shine to me.