Monthly Insiders Forum

Friends of Frederick County hosts the Issue Insiders’ Forum to bring together people concerned about local issues with those who shape them.


The Issue Insiders’ Forum is held the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room of our office building (ground floor, Kemp Hall, 4 E. Church Street). It is free and all interested parties are invited to participate.

Meeting Agenda

The proposed agenda for each meeting will be made available on the Friends of Frederick County website one week prior to the forum. Topic suggestions are welcome by email to

The Frederick County Insider brings you news from the forum and is intended to help citizens understand some key components to planning that will affect our quality of life.

Past Forum News:

  • February 2010 Insiders Forum: Discussion with Commissioner John “Lennie” Thompson and Mr. Ray Barnes on the county wide school test of the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance – and what it means for our kids.  Read more…
  • November 2009 Insiders Forum: Discussion with invited guest Mr. Frisby Jr., PATH Awareness and Education Projgect for Allegheny Power (PEAT) and Commissioner Jan Gardner    See FNP story “PATH meeting highlights gap between residents, Allegheny Power”
  • September 2009 Insiders Forum: Discussion with Commissioner John L Thompson and David Gray on transportation plan in the Countywide Comprehensive Plan with presentation by John Thomas, Transportation Planner, Frederick County Planning Division and on the Global Mission Church site plan (newsletter in progress).
  • June 2009 Insiders Forum: Presentation by WasteNot! on Frederick County waste management practices with Department of Utilities and Solid Waste Management representative present for point/counterpoint (newsletter in progress).
  • March 2009 Insiders Forum: Discussion with Commissioner Charles Jenkins about the proposed ordinance for places of worship in agricultural zones (newsletter in progress).
  • February 2009 Insiders Forum: Discussion with Commissioner Lennie Thompson about the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance, how only some municipalities have adopted the APFO  is where it is inadequate due to annexations and overbuilding without it.
  • December 2008 Insiders Forum: Discussion with County Commissioner David Gray about theproposed changes in the latest project under consideration for the Urbana Mixed Use (MXD) zoneand BOCC-proposed changes in the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance.
  • November 2008 Insiders Forum: Discussion with Jan Gardner, President of the Board of CountyCommissioners (BOCC) and citizens about county comprehensive planning, theagriculture/resource conservation zone and the solid waste management plan.