Promoting growth that works for you!


Schools, health, economic growth and opportunity are all affected by development decisions.

This is why FoFC pays attention.

We recognize that growth presents a tremendous opportunity for progress – yet many of us in Frederick County are frustrated by development that requires we drive far to get to work, worried about the deterioration of our infrastructure, the economy and our environment. We want to see development done right so that it benefits you and your family. We are often at odds with the (out of county) “development” community, whose push for financial gain seems to be at the Frederick County taxpayers’ expense. We should ensure that profits stay in our Frederick County community – and that the development design is the best it can be for us.

What does that mean? It means that we create new neighborhoods and maintain existing ones that are beautiful, convenient, healthy and safe. It means we create jobs that are accessible to all (including those who don’t own cars). It means we make it possible for children to walk or ride their bikes to school. It means we make places where businesses will want to invest and people will want to live.

FoFC has spent years working to stop bad development through education, advocacy for policy change and litigation. We encourage good development through education and advocacy in favor of the recently ratified County Comprehensive (20 year) Plan.

Our priorities for this year are:

  1. to foster good growth through the New Market Tomorrow Project – a citizen driven planning initiative to design the development of New Market in favor of a healthy and prosperous qualify of life there.
  2. Promoting good growth in Frederick City and elsewhere in Frederick County through education (films, discussion, events, newsletterssocial media)
  3. Stop bad development through education, advocacy and when necessary litigation in both Frederick City (the northern annexations and the municipal growth plan) and New Market (the New Market municipal growth plan).

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