6/13/2013 Landsdale site plan: FoFC voices concerns

FoFC has some issues with the site plan presented at today’s Planning Commission meeting…read about them.

Is poorly planned growth what you wanted from your county leaders?

The Frederick County Commissioners have approved or are discussing approval of over 7000 new dwellings, in many cases without appropriate plans for schools, roads, emergency services and other key infrastructure. We believe that our public officials should follow existing laws; in a growing number of cases that is not happening. FoFC is using the option […]

FNP: Monrovia Town Center protesters gather downtown

Monrovia Town Center protesters gather downtown Plan would put 1,510 houses, commercial development on hundreds of acres east of Ed McClain Road Originally published January 17, 2013By Patti S. Borda  Photo by Adam Fried Pam Abramson, co-founder of Residents Against Landsale Expansion, holds a sign Wednesday in downtown Frederick opposing a proposed Monrovia Town Center. ON […]

Gazette: The costs of doing nothing to clean up the bay

The costs of doing nothing to clean up the bay Published: Thursday, October 4, 2012 Katherine Heerbrandt, staff writer Frederick County has led the way in identifying the costs of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay, but advocates say the cost of doing nothing may be much more daunting than the pricetag for reducing pollution in […]

Articles detailing fallen growth projections for Frederick County

Recent studies have shown that the original growth projections for Frederick County have fallen since the Gardner Comprehensive Zoning Plan was established: WASH COG report on growth projections Maryland Department of Planning report on growth projections

FNP Letter: Critical Rezoning

Originally published July 29, 2012 I hope that enough citizens, especially those in New Market, Monrovia and Urbana, are preparing to attend the meeting at Oakdale High School with our county commissioners Tuesday (July 31 at 6 p.m., sign up to speak at 5 p.m.). I have not seen much publicity for it, which is unfortunate since […]

FoFC’s position on the 2011 Comprehensive Rezoning

State planning department expresses concerns with 2011 rezoning

“It remains unclear to MDP what conditions have changed in Frederick County over the past two years to warrant proposing such a dramatic shift in policy in the comprehensive plan.  The draft plan still proposes to significantly increase the supply of low density residential development.  The need for this additional supply has not been sufficiently […]

3-2012 Linowes and Blocher request that Frederick County lift the age restriction on 1100 family Lansdale development, Monrovia

Read the Lansdale PUD letter here.

Gazette LTE: Citizen says “Don’t ruin county with development”