FNP: citizen questions city permitting the Tough Mudder, and links bad planning to votes of current elected officials

 Put blame in the right place (Frederick News Post, Sept 23, 2012) The traffic snarl and resident complaints regarding the Tough Mudder race held at Crumland Farms last weekend are not the story of an organizer who misled anyone. It is the story of incompetency among Frederick city and Frederick County officials. On Sept. 5, an […]

Frederick City Planning Dept Staff Report – Crum II Annexation and Development


5-15-12 FNP City needs more details on Crum annexation

Features of planned development $572 million: total value at completion $181 million in commercial and office development 700 single-family homes 300 townhouses 200 condominiums 1 million square feet of office 120,000 square feet of retail 80,000 square feet for a grocery store The Frederick city planning commissioners agreed unanimously Monday that they want more details […]

FoFC: facts on northern annexations

Annexation facts Originally published March 18, 2012 O In Sunday’s (March 4) letter regarding the Crum and Thatcher annexations and development the author says, “I feel if built as advertised it should help traffic and give added tax base to both the city and the county.” I don’t know what advertising the author refers to, […]

Call for your opinion on the northern annexations!

“Classic sprawl…look for problems to come” says Commissioner Gray; Commissioners Young, Shreve, Smith and DeLauter allow Crum and Thatcher Farm development to proceed Please share your opinion of this today!! Write 200 words and submit to: the editor at the Frederick News Post or by email to the Gazette: frederick@gazette.net. Thousands of citizens petitioned against these […]

“Classic sprawl…look for problems to come”; BOCC allows development on Crum and Thatcher Farms immediately

Click here for information on the citizen complaint against the northern annexations. To read more on Thatcher and Crum development plans search either name on the FoFC home page search tab. Frederick News Post article:  Annexed farmland clear for developing Originally published January 27, 2012  By Pete McCarthy Photo by Staff file photo by Sam […]

03-07-2011 FNP letter to the editor: The downsides of development

I saw absolutely no reason to even consider repealing a portion of the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance that relates to schools. If developers are willing to “promise” that they will cover the cost of new school construction, then what was the point of repealing that part of the APFO? Our BoCC is supposed to act […]

Citizens speaks out on quality of life and love for Frederick County: asks BOCC for citizen representation

My name is Nicole Chafitz Orr. My family moved here from Rockville when I was 14, My parents saw the beauty and potential of Frederick. They purchased commercial property, invested in the community and made this place home.We moved to a 90 acre farm in New Midway. As a 14 year old pre-teen, I fought […]

FoFC’s position on use of mitigation fees to pay for school demands of new development: woefully inadequate

Use of a “mitigation fee”  – as proposed by the Frederick County Builder’s Association on February 10, 2011 – to “cover the cost” of building a new school or addition to one so that a facility is adequate to house new kids for developer’s new housing development,  is not a solution, and really just adds […]

03-01-2011 FoFC concerned that mitigation fees woefully inadequate – taxpayers to pick up tab for developer’s profits

Testimony before BOCC ref:  Frederick County Ordinance 09-28-532, a repeal of the countywide APFO for schools on land annexed into municipalities for development after June 23, 2009. There are many issues to discuss tonight with respect to repeal of referenced ordinance:  sovereignty, fairness, legality, concurrency, redistricting, phasing etc, but of all these issues there is one […]