FNP: Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite

    Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite Originally published September 07, 2011  By Bethany Rodgers Bumper-to-bumper traffic and tax increases could arise from a current effort to rewrite the county land-use plan, leaders of two local nonprofit groups said Tuesday.Estimating that more than 10,000 acres of farmland and open space could give […]

Express your opinion of PlanMaryland

Over the next 20 years, there will be nearly 1,000,000 more people, over 400,000 additional households and over 600,000 new jobs in Maryland.Where will all these people live and work, how will they get to their jobs? Read more – and express your opinion to the local paper!.  Share this information.  It is the future […]

05-20-2011 Gazette online: Frederick County to revisit zoning changes

Rezoning farmland for residential buildings requires that road construction (and maintenance), school space, sewer extension, water provision and emergency services are calculated into the cost of the development.  Keep your eyes on the budget – more often than not those costs are underestimated.  It is often touted that developers will pay those costs, but they […]

Jefferson citizens out in numbers to say Food Lion inappropriate for their community

The Jefferson Community wore red shirts and spoke well about the social, economic and environmental impacts of a big box store in their rural community.  A Village Center is meant to serve a rural agriculture or rural residential community – and hence the maximum footprint. Frederick County zoning to allow bigger buildings Originally published May […]

03-09-2011 (9:30am Winchester Hall) Planning Commission to discuss land use text ammendments

What are the impacts of the revision in these text amendments  – to be discussed that the Mar 9 Planning Commission meeting: – adding more, possibly inappropriate, uses in Ag zones; – loosening and removing existing rules for farm remainders, ag lots and ag clusters; – allow public and private schools in ag zones (would […]

Re-imagining Urban Sprawl (Gazette 08-19-2010)

Re-imagining Urban Sprawl Frederick County’s southeast corridor, bordered by two major highways and a national battlefield, may be a shopper’s Mecca, but it can also be a motorist’s nightmare. And its acres of parking lot and shopping centers are distinctive in their lack of distinctiveness, according to Commissioner Kai J. Hagen (D). “It could be […]

FNP Letter: Balance and perspective called for in land-use decisions

Originally published June 13, 2010 In his May 23 commentary, Thomas Lynch attempts to cast illusions, build straw men and further polarize growth and development issues — the very things he suggests we rise above. Lynch unfairly characterized the recently adopted comprehensive plan, and Frederick County government in general, as being unfriendly toward the business […]

City and County Officials to Continue Cost Discussions of City’s Twenty Year Growth Plan

06-14-2010 City Hall    Mayor McClement asked the City’s Planning Commission to remove the Tier 3 growth area and the North/South parallel road from the Municipal Growth Area map.  The Planning Commission denied his request. 06-16-2010 7pm City Hall  City’s Mayor and Aldermen met with Board of County Commissioners to discuss costs of 20-year municipal growth […]

Municipal Growth Element Fact Sheet

County’s Role in the Development of “Municipal Growth Elements” Mandatory Adoption Every municipality in Maryland is required to adopt a “municipal growth element” as part of its comprehensive plan.  The initial deadline for meeting this requirement was October 1, 2009.  For good cause shown, the Maryland Department of Planning may grant up to two six […]

Citizens Write Mayor about Failure to Comply with Growth Policy

Mayor Randy McClement City of Frederick 101 North Court Street Frederick, Maryland 21701 Re:         The City’s Municipal Growth Element Dear Mr. Mayor: Based on information that only recently came to our attention, we believe that the City of Frederick failed to comply with Maryland law in its adoption on November 19, 2009 of a “municipal […]