FNP: City, county assess growing pains

Frederick city and county officials gathered Wednesday to discuss 30 years into the future: the city’s prospects for development; a north-south road around it; and how to pay any or all of the associated costs. They concluded that they need to talk more. Mayor Randy McClement made a list of topics to discuss at future […]

Let’s do the math (FNP)

Let’s do the math Originally published June 06, 2010 In his letter to your newspaper on May 23, Thomas Lynch, a principal in the law firm of Miles and Stockbridge, issued a call for “serious, honest and consensus-seeking discussion” about development in our county. We support this call — an informed and respectful exchange is […]

Citizen Asks for Legacy of Thoughtful Growth..for a Healthy Future

The issue of growth in Frederick County is one that concerns and affects me greatly, and therefore I feel compelled to address the subject with those who can really do something about it. Often I hear the statement, “Frederick County will grow by 50,000 people in the next ….years…we have to be ready for that…”  […]

Municipal Growth Element Fact Sheet

County’s Role in the Development of “Municipal Growth Elements” Mandatory Adoption Every municipality in Maryland is required to adopt a “municipal growth element” as part of its comprehensive plan.  The initial deadline for meeting this requirement was October 1, 2009.  For good cause shown, the Maryland Department of Planning may grant up to two six […]

Citizens Write Mayor about Failure to Comply with Growth Policy

Mayor Randy McClement City of Frederick 101 North Court Street Frederick, Maryland 21701 Re:         The City’s Municipal Growth Element Dear Mr. Mayor: Based on information that only recently came to our attention, we believe that the City of Frederick failed to comply with Maryland law in its adoption on November 19, 2009 of a “municipal […]

Balancing city growth with county-funded roads, schools, water, sewer and emergency services

The Municipal Growth Element is one mechanism to help both counties and their municipalities plan for future growth – together. Read the facts about the process. Mandatory Adoption Every municipality in Maryland is required to adopt a “municipal growth element” as part of its comprehensive plan. The initial deadline for meeting this requirement was October […]

Group questions legality of comp plan

By Adam Behsudi News-Post Staff A smart-growth advocacy group is contesting the City of Frederick comprehensive plan, saying it does not comply with state law. Friends of Frederick County sent a letter to Mayor Randy McClement, stating that the city did not confer with Frederick County officials about a part of the plan that discusses […]

City needs to work with county to address annexation issues

Frederick News Post Letter to the Editor September 03, 2009 It is unfortunate that city and county elected officials are debating the Crum and Thatcher annexations in the letters to the editor. It would be much more productive if the majority of the city elected officials would have met with the Frederick County Board of […]

Frederick City promotes sprawl whereas Frederick County works hard to contain growth and promote redevelopment

Frederick County has been working on its 20 year Comprehensive Plan.  The Frederick County Planning Commissioners have taken great care to curb costly growth patterns, protect natural resources, add emphasis to providing infrastructure for multi-modal forms of transportation, protect our agricultural land for production of food and fiber,  and preserve ourquality of life.  In that vein […]

Citizen response to Alderman Smith’s views on annexation proposals

Thanks for getting back to me, Alderman Smith. I don’t mind disagreement; discussion works fine for me! >>>>The argument that building roads causes more traffic problems is a generalization that should never be used as a standard to determine when and where new roads are built.<<<< If you can show me an example of a […]