Expert affidavits on New Market growth plans illustrate likely tax increases, congested roads, overcrowded schools and harm to environmentally sensitive areas

In 2011, Friends of Frederick County, the Audubon Society of Central Maryland and 13 residents filed a complaint in the Frederick County Circuit Court against the Town of New Market asserting that the Town’s Master Plan, the Municipal Growth Element, failed to satisfy the requirements of the State law.  (Friends of Frederick County et al. […]

New Market’s supplement to their growth plan and FoFC’s response

April 2011 New Market’s mayor and town council released a New Market Supplement to their Municipal Growth Element and Comprehensive Plan along with an analysis of traffic.  In July 2011   Friends of Frederick County submitted comments on the supplement to Mayor Burhans, as did the Maryland Department of Planning.  In October 2010 Dr Reid […]

03-18-2011 Mayor Burhans reacts to citizens’ lawsuit in New Market

New Market mayor not threatened by lawsuit, says plan has town’s best interests in mind Originally published March 18, 2011 By Patti S. Borda Photo by Sam Yu New Market Mayor Winslow Burhans III talks Wednesday about one of the areas he would like to annex to be part of New Market. The area is […]

03/13/2011 FNP letter to the editor: Friends or not Friends — an easy call for taxpayers

Evidently in his Feb. 28 letter to The Frederick News-Post Mark Koehler was following the wisdom of Harry Truman, who once said, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” The issue in New Market is not the activities of Friends of Frederick County, but the town’s sprawling growth plan that will, in some form or […]

03-05-2011 FNP: Friends of Frederick County wrongly vilified by New Market-area resident

This letter is in response to Mark Koehler’s Feb. 28 letter titled “Not Friends …” in which he takes to task Friends of Frederick County’s involvement in the politics of New Market. I, too, have a New Market mailing address, albeit not in the Town of New Market; however, I live very close to the […]

02-17-2011 Gazette: Friends of Frederick County files complaint against New Market Group hopes lawsuit will urge mayor, council to remove future annexations from plan

The Friends of Frederick County and 13 landowners with New Market addresses have filed a complaint in Frederick County Circuit Court in protest of the town’s amended master plan, updated in November, which earmarks three large parcels for future annexation. The Smith/Cline property is located northwest of the town limits, the Delaplaine property is north […]

Costs to county taxpayers for school needs in New Market growth plan: $10 million for school construction and $7 million/year for operations

Recently approved New Market Plan includes 3 Annexations that will double town size and triple its population With the approval of the New Market Municipal Growth Element (MGE), the Town of New Market is now able to annex the Delaplaine, Ganley and Smith/Cline farms.  These annexations would more than double the size of the Town  from about 434 […]

Download Flyer Showing How New Market will Double in Size

Click here to download the one page flyer for distribution. Contact Friends of Frederick County to find out more about the Municipal Growth Plan process: ref:  New Market MGE

County officials and New Market leaders to go to mediation over growth plan

At Winchester Hall Monday, Sept 20th at 7pm: Will your taxes go to support sprawl? Join us to voice your opinion!