Referendum Lessons and Laws

As a volunteer for the referendum on the recent Frederick city annexations I wish to share a few thoughts with my fellow residents. At least 70 percent of our city voters oppose the proposed development despite the unmatched campaign by the current and former city officials aiming to change our mind. The annexation controversy highlights […]

‘Friends’ Has Set High Standards for Accountability

We were appalled to read the editorial by The Frederick News-Post titled “A buck a signature,” asserting, without a shred of evidence, that the “validity” of a handful of signatures gathered by canvassers earning $1 per signature was somehow in question.

Have you signed?

Residents of Frederick and Frederick County are out in droves collecting signatures to take the Thatcher, Crum and Summers Farm annexation agreements to referendum so that city residents can have the final say. Maryland State Highway Administration, Maryland Department of Planning and the Board of Frederick County Commissioners have advised against these agreements that will […]

Thanks to all annexation referendum volunteers!

October 18, 2009 Dear Annexation Referendum Volunteers, Supporters and Friends, On behalf of Friends and Frederick County, I would like thank everyone who brought their energy, spirit and dedication to this burst of grassroots movement for a petition drive to bring the issue of annexation to a citizen vote.  As I write this letter, unpaid […]

Grass-roots democracy

It didn’t take long for the opponents of the recent annexations by the City of Frederick to get mobilized. There appear to be several possible avenues for local government to pursue in an attempt to nullify the annexations, but a separate grass-roots movement has already sprung into action with the same goal in mind. Opponents […]

CItizen addresses Alderman Smith’s justification for Frederick City annexations

Thanks for getting back to me, Alderman Smith. I don’t mind disagreement; discussion works fine for me! >>>>The argument that building roads causes more traffic problems is a generalization that should never be used as a standard to determine when and where new roads are built.<<<< If you can show me an example of a […]

Citizen letter in opposition to Thatcher, Crum and Summers annexation proposals

To Mayor Holtzinger and Aldermen Imhoff, Kuzemchak, Koontz, Hall and Smith: I am a city resident strongly opposed to the Thatcher, Crum and Summers annexation proposals. A better model for development is to sustain and infill existing neighborhoods, striving to keep homes a walkable distance from work, shopping and recreation. This saves the taxpayer economically, environmentally, and in […]

Let us bring the Golden Mile back to its name and let it be the Golden Mile

Bringing commercial into a residential neighborhood is not smart growth. I realize the city of Frederick thinks it will gain a great deal of money from this annexation, but I think we should be realistic. I would like to quote from the annexation staff report for the Summers Farm: “This property was specifically listed as […]

Alderman Kuzemchak writes on the city’s annexation proposals

All, Please read all of this.  Some of it might upset you but other parts may make you smile.  I honestly don’t know how I’m going to vote on Thursday.  This note is for informational purposes only. We shouldn’t even be discussing annexations and zonings this close to an election – nobody has all the […]

Citizen asks the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to VOTE NO to all three annexations

I oppose the annexation by the City of Frederick of Summers Farm, and the Thatcher and Crumland farms, and I encourage the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to vote against the three annexation proposals currently before them. Please focus on improving the existing and vacant properties in the city, rather than annexing and commercializing new […]