05/14/13 With more wind energy, PJM could save us $7 billion per year

A study by Americans for a Clean Energy Grid and Synapse Energy Economics shows that Wind Energy may not be as “expensive” as what is generally thought: “PJM Interconnection (the power grid Maryland and 13 other starts are a part of) could save its customers $6.9 billion if it more than doubled the amount of wind energy […]

10-10-11 Seven citizen groups address 194 land use change proposals with letter to the Frederick County Planning Commissioners

Download letter as pdf file here.      

PATH Project withdraws plans to build high power electric power lines across southern Frederick County

Please read Notice of Withdrawal and the Sugarloaf Conservancy’s press release. Congratulations to the many many citizens throughout the region who worked hard for 2.5 years to point out the fallacies and issues with the PATH project.  Notably:  Doug and Peg Kaplan and Chad and Karen Baker.

Water pollution permit granted for dirty coal-fired power plant in Williamsport

Please spread the word! Maryland has its fair share of old and dirty coal-fired power plants.  One of the oldest and dirtiest is the R Paul Smith coal-fired power plant in Williamsport MD, just outside of Hagerstown.  Allegheny Energy, the corporate owner, managed to obtain a new water pollution permit for its onsite coal ash […]

Support clean, renewable offshore wind!

Thanks to all who came out to learn about Offshore Wind Power.  Read local coverage of the event. Offshore wind is NOT A DONE DEAL.  Significant regulatory and market barriers exist at the state and national level that stand in the way of developing Maryland’s offshore wind potential (and jobs!). Our delegation is critical to […]

09-02-2010 FNP Picking our pockets – to pay for PATH (letter to the editor)

In September one county board will consider whether the PATH project is consistent with the county’s comprehensive plan; another will consider a zoning exception to permit a substation near Mount Airy. This “Kemptown” substation will be the terminus of a 275-mile transmission line from a coal-burning plant in West Virginia.No PATH energy is for us; […]

Take the Wind Survey!

Through a public survey and information on wind power we hope to help individuals, farms, businesses and municipalities make good decisions about investing in the appropriate small and medium-sized wind energy systems for their sites. We can also share this information with legislators so that your desires may be better understood. Take the Survey!

04-28-2010 7pm Clean Energy Grant Winner Demonstrates Thermal-Solar System

  EmPOWER CLEAN ENERGY Communities Grant Winner to Dedicate and Explain New Thermal-Solar System on location with an energy legislation update by Maryland Assembly Delegate Sue Hecht and an update on Maryland’s Clean Energy Center Executive Director,  I. Katherine Magruder. Curtis Nelson, Principle of NCP Solar/Nelson Commercial Plumbing of Frederick, local vendor/installer of the Claggett […]

Call to Action over Public Service Commission Changes

HOUSE BILL 1535 The Sugar Loaf Conservancy asks that you write letters and attend the House Economic Matters Committee public hearing on HB 1535 this coming Tuesday, March 30th at 1 pm in ANNAPOLIS! This bill will prohibit the Public Service Commission (PSC) from accepting an application from a company that is not an electric company […]

Path to Nowhere

Sugarloaf Conservancy appeals to the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) to deny Potomac Edison’s application to construct the PATH transmission line.  The application should be denied as the applicant has acknowledged there will not be a critical need in 2014 as stated in their application.  The application is further flawed as a result of the […]