Junto Club, Associated with Flying Dog Brewery, Cleans up Brunswick Stream

Junto Club, Associated with Flying Dog Brewery, Cleans up Brunswick Stream On Saturday, October 13th Junto members joined forces with Brunwick Mayor Karin Tome and Councilman Ellis Burruss and FoFC’s executive director, Janice Wiles,  to clean trash from one of Brunswick’s tributaries to the Potomac River.                   […]

10-10-11 Seven citizen groups address 194 land use change proposals with letter to the Frederick County Planning Commissioners

Download letter as pdf file here.      

Proposals for land use change in Frederick County

Friends of Frederick County has analyzed the 194 proposals available for public reading at:  Frederick County Government website, Community Development page. Here is a summary of our findings:   Municipality Number of proposals Agriculture/open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning  (acres) Agriculture/ open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning for residential development (acres) approximate # […]

31 Ways Citizens Can Help Our Economy in Frederick County


Buy Local Buy Fresh at Farmers Markets in Frederick County

Municipal Growth Element Fact Sheet

County’s Role in the Development of “Municipal Growth Elements” Mandatory Adoption Every municipality in Maryland is required to adopt a “municipal growth element” as part of its comprehensive plan.  The initial deadline for meeting this requirement was October 1, 2009.  For good cause shown, the Maryland Department of Planning may grant up to two six […]

Dominion Gas proposes a gas compressor facility near Jefferson rural neighborhood, important meeting June 19th

A West Virginia corporation, Dominion Transmission Inc. (DTI), is planning to build an 11-acre industrial facility between Rt. 340, Rt. 180 and Gene Hemp Rd. on the edge of Jefferson, MD. This PEAK Gas Compressor Facility is part of a huge “Gas Storage Factory” project. Check out www.jmdca.org for information, join the site visit on […]