10-10-11 Seven citizen groups address 194 land use change proposals with letter to the Frederick County Planning Commissioners

Download letter as pdf file here.      

Proposals for land use change in Frederick County

Friends of Frederick County has analyzed the 194 proposals available for public reading at:  Frederick County Government website, Community Development page. Here is a summary of our findings:   Municipality Number of proposals Agriculture/open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning  (acres) Agriculture/ open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning for residential development (acres) approximate # […]

Jefferson citizens out in numbers to say Food Lion inappropriate for their community

The Jefferson Community wore red shirts and spoke well about the social, economic and environmental impacts of a big box store in their rural community.  A Village Center is meant to serve a rural agriculture or rural residential community – and hence the maximum footprint. Frederick County zoning to allow bigger buildings Originally published May […]

PUBLIC HEARING MAY 17th 7pm Nationally heralded Frederick County Village Center zoning category under threat by Board of County Commissioners

05-17  7pm Winchester Hall  PUBLIC HEARING:  a call for citizens to voice their opinion on the Food Lion in Jefferson MD The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) threatens to change Village Center zoning that currently allows appropriate development in historic communities.   The change to our Village Center zoning category will allow giant footprint building […]

31 Ways Citizens Can Help Our Economy in Frederick County


Jefferson Maryland Community Association (JMDCA) speaks out about DTI Compressor Site

June 5, 2008 Dear Elected Official, The community of Jefferson MD has been chosen as a proposed site for peak gas compressor station by Dominion Transmission, Inc. (DTI) on the parcels of land between RT180/RT340/and Gene Hemp Road.  Jefferson residents are in firm opposition to the building of this facility in our community, and have formed the Jefferson […]