3/12/13 How Fort Detrick might affect public health

University of Maryland PhD candidate Ed Kruse will be conducting community health surveys related to  Middletown, Fort Detrick, and Walkersville. Middletown has been asked to introduce Ed Kruse to the community at a date yet to be decided. Kruse’s work will look into how Fort Detrick may have affected the health of residents in the surrounding […]

10-10-11 Seven citizen groups address 194 land use change proposals with letter to the Frederick County Planning Commissioners

Download letter as pdf file here.      

Proposals for land use change in Frederick County

Friends of Frederick County has analyzed the 194 proposals available for public reading at:  Frederick County Government website, Community Development page. Here is a summary of our findings:   Municipality Number of proposals Agriculture/open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning  (acres) Agriculture/ open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning for residential development (acres) approximate # […]

05-24 7PM Gasland film showing in Middletown

Tuesday, May 24th @ 7pm   showing of GASLAND A film directed by Josh Fox, winner of Special Jury Prize-Best US Documentary Feature-Sundance 2010, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. “The largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States. The HALLIBURTON-developed drilling technology of “fracking” or “hydro-fracking” […]

03-01-2011 Country wide APFO for schools on annexed land repealed FNP headline: Ordinance repeal will crowd Frederick County schools

Speakers: Ordinance repeal will crowd Frederick County schools Originally published March 02, 2011 By Patti S. Borda The Frederick County Commissioners voted 4-1 Tuesday to repeal the ordinance that has applied the county adequate public facilities schools test to certain properties in municipalities since November 2009.The ordinance was not applied in practice before several municipalities […]

Citizen Letter to FNP: Winning or losing the growth game

I’ve been following the “conversation” about growth and the comprehensive plan with great interest. There are some in our community who want to make Janice Wiles and Friends of Frederick County the issue. They are not. Growth is the issue. How we choose to grow, and where we choose to grow are the issues. I’ve lived […]

31 Ways Citizens Can Help Our Economy in Frederick County


Buy Local Buy Fresh at Farmers Markets in Frederick County

Municipal Growth Element Fact Sheet

County’s Role in the Development of “Municipal Growth Elements” Mandatory Adoption Every municipality in Maryland is required to adopt a “municipal growth element” as part of its comprehensive plan.  The initial deadline for meeting this requirement was October 1, 2009.  For good cause shown, the Maryland Department of Planning may grant up to two six […]

Gas Turbine Compressor Station in Planning Stages for Rural Middletown

Join others (http://www.tellmetoday.com/) to fight the Dominion Transmission Inc. Storage Factory Compressor Station Project proposed for Marker Road in Middletown.   Dominion Transmission is in the initial planning stage for the construction of an 11-acre industrial site on Marker Rd. at the location shown below. There was a meeting held in Middletown on November 19, […]