Stop more farmland development in southeast county!

“Three hundred MORE acres of farmland to housing? Please speak up...more water pollution, traffic congestion and accidents, overcrowded schools...”

When trees, plants, grasses are removed for development, the ground becomes compact and rainwater moves rapidly across the landscape.  Pleants help soak up rain so it seeps in to the ground. 

Is poorly planned growth what you wanted from your county leaders?

The Frederick County Commissioners have approved or are discussing approval of over 7000 new dwellings, in many cases without appropriate plans for schools, roads, emergency services and other key infrastructure. We believe that our public officials should follow existing laws; in a growing number of cases that is not happening. FoFC is using the option […]

FoFC asks state to calculate their share of costs for public services and facilities in Frederick County

Frederick News Post report:  Group wants growth costs calculated  

Details on Global Mission Church rezoning request: public hearing Thursday Nov 17th 6pm

(sign up to speak at 5pm), Winchester Hall (12 E Church St, downtown Frederick).   Global Mission Church/David Severn, land use attorney, submitted two proposals:   UR 41 (parcel 36) and UR 42  (parcel 109) GLOBAL MISSION PROPOSALS There are 2 pieces of each of these parcels that are currently zoned Resource Conservation. In UR 41:  […]

Map showing potential land use change in Urbana

        Number of proposals:  46 Agriculture/open space acreage under discussion:  2769 acres Agriculture/open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning for residential development:  2380.7 acres Approximate number of homes to be constructed:  5189 Approximate number of new school children:  2818 Approximate number of additional car trips each day on local roads:  49,667   […]

10-10-11 Seven citizen groups address 194 land use change proposals with letter to the Frederick County Planning Commissioners

Download letter as pdf file here.      

Proposals for land use change in Frederick County

Friends of Frederick County has analyzed the 194 proposals available for public reading at:  Frederick County Government website, Community Development page. Here is a summary of our findings:   Municipality Number of proposals Agriculture/open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning  (acres) Agriculture/ open space properties requesting reclassification and rezoning for residential development (acres) approximate # […]

FNP: Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite

    Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite Originally published September 07, 2011  By Bethany Rodgers Bumper-to-bumper traffic and tax increases could arise from a current effort to rewrite the county land-use plan, leaders of two local nonprofit groups said Tuesday.Estimating that more than 10,000 acres of farmland and open space could give […]

Jefferson citizens out in numbers to say Food Lion inappropriate for their community

The Jefferson Community wore red shirts and spoke well about the social, economic and environmental impacts of a big box store in their rural community.  A Village Center is meant to serve a rural agriculture or rural residential community – and hence the maximum footprint. Frederick County zoning to allow bigger buildings Originally published May […]

PATH Project withdraws plans to build high power electric power lines across southern Frederick County

Please read Notice of Withdrawal and the Sugarloaf Conservancy’s press release. Congratulations to the many many citizens throughout the region who worked hard for 2.5 years to point out the fallacies and issues with the PATH project.  Notably:  Doug and Peg Kaplan and Chad and Karen Baker.