11-13-12 (rescheduled) Public Hearing with BOCC on Jefferson Technology Park development and DRRA

Documents and background for Jefferson Tech Park (JTP)   what is it?  (description published in the Frederick News Post, written by former member of Planning Commission) INITIAL DRRA submitted to County 6-13-12 Initial LOU 9/20/12 JTP staff report The project was initially planned for a tech park off Route 340/180 and 15, but it seems that attracting […]

10-25-12 Public Hearing with Board of Appeals on Grant County Mulch Processing in Buckeystown, read more!

Please attend the special hearing on: Thursday October 25th 7:00 PM    1st floor hearing room, Winchester Hall,   12 E Church Street, Frederick MD Read what local Buckeystown residents think!  

Opinion of city resident on Keller Farm development (FNP letter to the editor)

  Keller annexation will devalue quality of life Originally published September 04, 2012 I’m a city slicker. Born and raised across the river from New York City, I went to high school a stone’s throw from the Twin Towers. I love the excitement, the crowds, the culture, the clubs, the shows and the food.When I […]

Facts about the 194 rezoning applications under review by Young Board of County Commissioners

Since FoFC did this analysis the county has made some changes to the parcel sizes to be rezoned.  Click here for a memo from the Frederick County Community Development Division summarizing those changes.  FoFC has not yet revisited our analysis.  

BOCC seeing serious resistance against privatization plan

This afternoon marked the end of the second public hearing regarding the BOCC’s plan (being pushed forward by Commissioners Young, Shreve and Delauter) to privatize core services in Frederick County and implement a public-private partnership. There was a huge turnout of County employees and residents at the first hearing on the evening of July 12th, […]

Audubon concerned with impact of New Market’s proposed parkway on bird sanctuary

03-02-2011 7pm Public Hearing on Lehigh Cement Co. Air Permit Renewal, Union Bridge MD

Frederick County residents living near Union Bridge could be impacted by decisions made on air emissions from LeHigh Public Hearing on Lehigh Cement Co. Air Permit Renewal,  Union Bridge MD What: Public Hearing on Lehigh Cement Co’s operating permit renewal When: scheduled for March 2nd 7pm or March 9th in case of inclement weather. Where: Union […]

09-02-2010 FNP Picking our pockets – to pay for PATH (letter to the editor)

In September one county board will consider whether the PATH project is consistent with the county’s comprehensive plan; another will consider a zoning exception to permit a substation near Mount Airy. This “Kemptown” substation will be the terminus of a 275-mile transmission line from a coal-burning plant in West Virginia.No PATH energy is for us; […]

Download Flyer Showing How New Market will Double in Size

Click here to download the one page flyer for distribution. Contact Friends of Frederick County to find out more about the Municipal Growth Plan process:  friends@friendsoffrederickcounty.org ref:  New Market MGE

Revitalization Must Be Done to Curb Sprawl: take a look at the Portland Development Commission

To the Elected Officials of Frederick City and Frederick County: RE:  Frederick Comprehensive Growth Plan As you know, city growth can occur in two ways:  cities can focus their attention on revitalizing older urban settings and filling in where possible, or they can grow outward through urban sprawl that consumes precious farmland and open spaces. […]