New report that looks at penalties for pollution: are they enough to deter industry?

No Profit in Pollution: a comparison of key Chesapeake Bay state water pollution penalty policies   “Industries that discharge water pollution are required to abide by clean water laws and regulations that limit how much they can pollute the nation’s rivers, lakes, streams, and other bodies of water. If they exceed their limits or, fail to […]

Shad restoration in the Potomac River: an economic resource and ecological experiment

Restoration of the American Shad in the Potomac River Mr. James Cummins, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (This text is a summary of Mr. Cummin’s presentation at Hood College Symposium, March 7, 2013) The American Shad is the world’s largest herring.  It spends most of its life along the Atlantic coastline, ranging from […]

Urban forestry – an important component to protecting the Chesapeake Bay

Urban Forestry: An Increasingly Critical Component of the Landscape Mr. Michael Galvin, SavATree (This text is a summary of Mr. Galvin’s presentation at Hood College Symposium, March 7, 2013) Current decisions are being made at a local, land parcel level.  When only one person cuts down a tree, this doesn’t make a huge difference.  However, […]

Will climate change impact the Potomac watershed?

Future Climate Change in the Potomac Watershed Bart Merrick, NOAA Chesapeake Bay (This text is a summary of Mr. Merrick’s presentation at Hood College Symposium, March 7, 2013) Mr. Merrick outlined the models and factors that have contributed to the conclusion that climate scientists have come to: there is a warming climate trend.  These factors […]

FCPS says no school construction planned to handle Smith/Cline annexation kids

New Market has proposed annexing the Smith/Cline property for 925 new residences, which at full buildout would yield approximately 248 elementary  116 middle school and 181 high school students. In a (1/7/13) letter from FCPS Facilities Director, Ray Barnes (page 1 and  page 2), FCPS Facilities Director “FCPS staff has reviewed the Board of County Commissioners […]

FNP letter: Handouts to the elite development set

Handouts to the elite development set Originally published November 11, 2012 County Commissioners President Blaine Young often says that Frederick County is not business-friendly and that the county has been anti-development. The problem with Blaine’s views is that the facts do not accommodate his empty arguments.From 2000 to 2010, Frederick County grew at a rate […]

From the Chester River Association: clean river and its use equals grand economic benefits!

In this political climate of environmental regulations = job loss and poor economy, the Chester River Association recently completed a study that suggests otherwise. Add it to your repertoire of studies to whip out when speaking with legislators/staff/others about the need for clean water regulations! The Chester River Association commissioned Sage Policy Group to study […]

Enforcing water pollution laws in the Chesapeake Bay

Center for Progressive Reform report (Sept 2012) (Read entire report here:  MD_ChesBay_Crim_Enforcement_1212) “Going Too Easy? Maryland’s Criminal Enforcement of Water Pollution Laws Protecting the Chesapeake Bay” The prospect of going to jail and acquiring a criminal record has a higher deterrence value than monetary civil penalties, which are often factored into bottom- line business costs. Introduction […]

Gazette: The costs of doing nothing to clean up the bay

The costs of doing nothing to clean up the bay Published: Thursday, October 4, 2012 Katherine Heerbrandt, staff writer Frederick County has led the way in identifying the costs of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay, but advocates say the cost of doing nothing may be much more daunting than the pricetag for reducing pollution in […]

Jefferson Tech Park (JTP) documents

Documents and background for Jefferson Tech Park (JTP)   what is it?  (description written by former member of Planning Commission) INITIAL DRRA submitted to County 6-13-12 Initial LOU 9/20/12 JTP staff report The project was initially planned for a tech park off Route 340/180 and 15, but it seems that attracting businesses has been difficult and the […]