Register NOW to adopt a grid – 4 hours/year of volunteer time ONLY

DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM HERE! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s relaxing and only requires 4 hours of your time each year.  Moreover the help you give IS SO VERY IMPORTANT to collective efforts of many people and organizations working to help clean up our waters in Frederick County. There is cause for concern about our streams’ […]

FNP article: adopt a grid and, using a smart phone, help clean our streams in Frederick County

Lear how to adopt a grid, volunteer a few hours to help save a stream Friends of Frederick County begin stream adoption program Originally published November 19, 2012 By Patti S. Borda Smartphones, shoe-leather investigation and satellites can all contribute to cleaning up polluted streams and creeks.In its new stream-adoption program, the Friends of Frederick […]

Editorial on FoFC’s Healthy Streams Frederick County “adopt a grid”

Adopt a grid and participate! Friends of Frederick County institutes Stream Monitoring Project Originally published November 20, 2012By ed  Friends of Frederick County has instituted a Stream Monitoring Project that combines high-tech satellite mapping with boots on the ground.Those boots will be worn by individuals or groups who “adopt” a 5-by-5-mile square of land, of which […]

Our Taste of History: call for volunteers September 8 and 9, 2012

FoFC builds volunteer corps to document stream pollution

Read about it here!

IMAGINE! Frederick Fall Film Festival 2010

Download IMAGINE! Frederick Fall Film Festival information here.

Effort renewed to de-annex properties

Download the Deannexation Petition for Referendum Here! Contact FoFC to learn more:  Read more about the effort below.  Gazette, June 3, 2010  Annexations that were an issue in last year’s city election could play an encore in county election this fall, candidates say by Katherine Heerbrandt | Staff Writer Two controversial annexations that played […]

Why DeAnnex the Crum and COPT/Thatcher Properties?

Download the Deannexation Petition for Charter Amendment Here! Friends of Frederick County Position on Crum and COPT/Thatcher Annexations into Frederick City We believe that our county and city should protect the Monocacy River corridor, productive farmland, scenic vistas, and a buffer between Frederick and Walkersville. At this time there is adequate development planned in the […]

Citizens Call For a Charter Amendment to Halt Costly Sprawl Development Along our National Scenic Byway

Friends of Frederick County launches a petition drive  for a charter amendment to change the boundaries of the City of Frederick, MD to exclude the Crum and Thatcher properties. In September 2009 the City of Frederick’s Mayor and Aldermen[1] voted to annex two farms along Route 15 north of Frederick City for 1200 new homes […]

Are overcrowded roads and schools by chance or BY CHOICE?

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