Concerned about our polluted water in Frederick County? Write your delegate this week!









The Chesapeake Bay and most of Maryland’s rivers and streams are contaminated, which is bad for public health and damages our economy. But for the first time, there is real power in the effort to clean up the Chesapeake Bay: Maryland and five other Bay watershed states, and Washington, D.C., are working on a mandatory “pollution diet.”

We’re now more than halfway to the goals we set 20 years ago for a restored Chesapeake Bay. To make sure Maryland finishes the job and meets our “pollution diet,” we are asking our elected officials to take the following actions in 2012:

• Finish upgrading the wastewater treatment plants that Maryland has already committed to upgrade (Senate Bill 240 / House Bill 446)

• Ensure that local governments have resources to reduce polluted stormwater runoff and implement their local clean water plans (Senate Bill 614 / House Bill 987)

• Reduce pollution from poorly planned development – including limiting new septic systems (Senate Bill 236 / House Bill 445)

• Require that all wastewater discharges, including septic systems, are treated at the highest levels to protect public health and ensure clean water (Through Amendments or by Regulation)

All of these investments in clean water will create Maryland jobs – many of which will be local jobs that can’t be outsourced or sent overseas.


Email a note in support of these actions to your delegates in Annapolis:

  • Senator Ron Young,
  • Senator David Brinkley,
  • Delegate Kathy Afzali,
  • Delegate Kelly Schultz
  • Delegate Galen Clagett
  • Delegate Don Elliott

Thank you!