Permanent Protection


Food and fiber production is Frederick County’s leading industry.  The county goal is to permanently preserve 100,000 acres;  as of the end of 2009 there are 45,738 acres in preservation programs.

In Ag Pres 2009

Click here for (downloadable pdf 8.5 x 11 inch) map showing 48,700 permanently preserved farmland acres 

  • The link to the county website for the Agricultural Preservation Program is:
  • Please read this brochure for information on the Agricultural Preservation Program.  All local and State Program applications are submitted to the Frederick County office, attention Anne Bradley.  If a landowner is interested in farmland preservation, he/she should contact Anne Bradley so she can evaluate the property to ensure it meets the minimum criteria to apply. Anne M. Bradley, Land Preservation Program Administrator, Frederick County Government, Phone: (301) 600-1474, Fax:      (301) 600-2054,email:
  • The main characteristics that all the Programs have in common right now are high demand (many applications) and limited funding.  However offers are still being made each year. 
  • As of today, the County has about 48,700 acres permanently preserved.

The Maryland Environmental Trust also offers easement donation benefit programs.  To learn more see:     and contact:   Megan Sines, Western Region Planner

Counties: Frederick, Washington, Allegany, Garrett, Carroll, E-mail:, Phone: 410-514-7912.

What we do to support farmland preservation

FoFC works to get the word out to farmers about the benefits of easement purchases and donations.