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The New Smarter Grid

It’s estimated that Marylanders use 30% more electricity than is produced here.  Our electricity comes to us from a multi-state system called The Grid.  Now termed the “Legacy Grid” it is burdened with too much demand, age and only a limited number of  centralized inputs like coal, natural gas, hydro and nuclear plants.  Rolling brown-outs and black-outs are predicted during the next few years.

Governor O’Malley is activating a variety of measures through the Maryland Energy Administration to help us all conserve energy to reduce demand and, at the same time, provide incentives for distributed generation of more clean, renewable energy.

This is part of the new Smart Grid.    Smart Grid design options may allow more distributed renewable energy generation, more clean energy coming on-board from more sources. as well as giving consumers more control over their energy use with Smart Meters.

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