Useful Wind Energy Reading Sources


Farm Statistics for Montgomery County:

Maryland Energy Administration – Model Small Wind System Ordinance

In Carroll County a small-wind energy permit ordinance and procedures were established in 2008.

Frederick County adopted similar small-wind energy permit ordinances in May 2009,

Washington County adopted a small wind energy permit ordinance in June 2009.

Federal and State Tax Credits:

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy: “DSIRE”

Modified in October, 2009, information about how to apply for the

Maryland Energy Administration’s Windswept Grant, go to:

MARBIDCO: Maryland Agricultural and Resource Based Industry-Development Corporation

ENSAVE: Statewide Farm Energy Audit and Rebate Program.

For-profit Consultants and Service Providers:

Renewable Energy Stewardship, Inc.

Potomac Wind Energy

Green Step Today

Holt Electrical Contractors, Inc.