FNP Letter: Critical Rezoning

Originally published July 29, 2012

I hope that enough citizens, especially those in New Market, Monrovia and Urbana, are preparing to attend the meeting at Oakdale High School with our county commissioners Tuesday (July 31 at 6 p.m., sign up to speak at 5 p.m.). I have not seen much publicity for it, which is unfortunate since the meeting is concerning something that affects our daily lives and our wallets quite significantly.

The BoCC’s new rezoning plan to build 12,000 more houses is unnecessary! The Comprehensive Zoning Plan approved by Jan Gardner’s BoCC in 2010 planned for enough homes to cover the expected population growth with minimal cost.

The current BoCC has not calculated what kind of an impact this new plan will have on us. Other sources that have taken the time to calculate the impact expect the costs to be monumental: The Maryland Department of Planning expects the costs for five new schools alone to be $300 million. A recent report from Friends of FrederickCounty shows that we would exceed our wastewater treatment capacity by over 50 percent. These are only some examples and still do not include how much we will have to pay for new roads, utilities and emergency services!

The previous Gardner plan smartly took all of this into consideration, planning for new homes to be built in areas where there is already infrastructure or where it can easily be expanded. The new plan appears to completely ignore infrastructure.

Don’t let the BoCC get away with using your money for unreasonable costs; we all need to let them know that this is not what we want!



New Market