Important Background Info. for the 2012 Rezoning

The Board of County Commissioners is planning to add 12,600+ more homes, primarily to New Market, Urbana, and Monrovia.

See specifically how your area will be affected, click here: Monrovia,  Urbana,  New Market

Attend the meeting on 6/31 (Tuesday) in Oakdale High School at 6pm (Sign up to talk at 5pm)

Background Information:

In April 2010 the Gardner Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) signed a 20 year Comprehensive Plan that:

  • meets state growth projections to provide 36,100 new homes for people moving to Maryland over 20 years;  and
  • minimizes cost to taxpayers by building those new homes within or adjacent to municipalities where public services are available

In 2012, the Young BOCC chose to COMPLETELY IGNORE the 2010 growth plan and offered (any) landowners an opportunity to apply to rezone their land for development (NOT according to the plan that was prepared during 2 years of careful study).  The Young BOCC has given their thumbs up to rezoning over 13,000 acres for sprawl development. Young’s BOCC has not provided the public with information on how much the proposed sprawl development will cost taxpayers. Please come to the final public hearing on these rezonings; July 31st at 6pm, Oakdale High School,  and write an email to Commissioner Blaine Young at:

Why do we need more homes than the 36,100 which were planned for in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan?  We don’t! 

The Young BOCC rezoning proposals are NOT IN COMPLIANCE with the (thoughtfully crafted) 20 year Comprehensive Plan that was passed by the Gardner BOCC in 2010.  In November 2011 the Frederick County Planning Commission soundly rejected the Young BOCC’s sprawl growth rezoning, and declared their continued support for the well studied growth plan passed in April 2010.

Even the State is concerned: the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) sent the Young BOCC a letter asking why the sudden change in plans and to consider the costs. MDP estimates that the cost to construct the new schools alone would be $300 million.

Who will pay?