Costs to county taxpayers for school needs in New Market growth plan: $10 million for school construction and $7 million/year for operations

Recently approved New Market Plan includes 3 Annexations that will double town size and triple its population

With the approval of the New Market Municipal Growth Element (MGE), the Town of New Market is now able to annex the Delaplaine, Ganley and Smith/Cline farms.  These annexations would more than double the size of the Town  from about 434 acres to about 880 acres.  The 925 residential units proposed for Smith/Cline alone will almost triple the population of the Town by adding approximately 2,451 people and increasing the number of residents from 1443 residents (at full build-out of existing subdivisions) to 3,894 residents.

The location of these farms are shown in purple cross-hatching on the Land Use map below. These proposed annexations are contiguous or very near to the Meadows, the Orchards, Brinkley Manor, Royal Oaks, Sponseller’s Addition, New Market West and New Market Farms.  They are also contiguous or very near to municipal recreational facilities, parks and open space; and an Audubon Bird Sanctuary (there may be a few alterations on the road location but FoFC doesn’t have the new map yet.  Even though the plan was approved last night citizens/residents still haven’t been able to actually SEE the plan that affects their home values, quality of life etc).

The Town proposes that Delaplaine and Ganley be developed for commercial and industrial purposes which, under the Town’s development regulations, include heavy manufacturing, heavy vehicle repair, truck stops, public heliports, recycling and storage, public works yard/garage, warehouses, fast food drive-thru restaurants, motels, commercial parking lots and gasoline stations.  The heavy traffic, air pollution, noise, dust, glare, smoke, toxic chemicals and visual impacts associated with these uses would severely impact the surrounding communities, recreational facilities, parks, open space and sanctuaries.

The 925 residential units proposed for Smith/Cline would generate about 9,000 additional car trips per day, greatly worsen traffic on Boyers Mill Road, lead to far more “cut-through” traffic in adjoining neighborhoods, and exacerbate traffic congestion and safety hazards on narrow, winding road segments and local intersections.

The Smith/Cline development would yield 583 pupils. As a result, Smith/Cline would  severely exacerbate school overcrowding and require the construction of at least one new public school whose cost would exceed by $10 Million the revenues generated by developer impact fees. According to the Frederick County Public School System, the cost of educating each public school student is about $12,000 per year.  These costs would amount to a total of $6,996,000 annually for the Smith/Cline development.  For these and other reasons, the Frederick County Board of County Commissions recently classified and zoned these properties for agriculture use only in its 2010 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map.

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