New timeline for privatization faster than Oliver Porter’s

Frederick County’s Partnership and Efficiencies Committee has released a new timeline regarding the BOCC’s move towards privatization. It can be found here.

Also, seen below is a detached image of the timeline provided in that document:

The new County timeline

As seen in this timeline, and explained in slightly more detail within the original document, the final meeting of significance is on January 12, 2012. During this meeting, the BOCC is planned to vote on bid submissions, and upon approval, newly established partnerships are planned to commence.

Now let’s look at the timeline provided at the end of Oliver Porter’s report on page 26. I have also attached an image of this timeline below the County’s timeline for the sake of convenience.

Oliver Porter's timeline

According to Oliver Porter’s timeline, the Commission was to make a decision about privatization sometime in the first month, and the RFP process would begin subsequently. Let’s say that the BOCC had made the decision to privatize as soon as possible: the minute that the July 26th public hearing ended. After that, the Porter timeline sets the date for awarding contracts seven months later, sometime in the eighth month. If the contracts were awarded on the very first day of the eighth month, that would be February 26th, 2012.

The public reaction against the Oliver Porter report was strong. Many people spoke up at all four hearings about how the report included no sources, it included no evidence to back up its cost savings projections, it included no methodology, many of its numbers were simply incorrect, the author had a financial interest in reporting with a bias, and more than anything else, people said that the timeline was too fast.

At every hearing I heard speaker after speaker encouraging the Commissioners to slow down and to take this idea and this process seriously. And yet, the County has now put forward a timeline which plans for the County to award contracts for County services to private bidders approximately a month and a half sooner. Not once do I remember a single speaker encouraging the Commissioners to speed up, and yet that is what’s happening.

Since the potential privatization of Frederick County services has now been pushed forward to only five months away, it is even more important that the public lets the BOCC know that they aren’t flying under the radar. Be ready for more information regarding privatization plans, and for more details regarding the pending October 13th, 2011 and January 12th, 2012 meetings.

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