In 2008 Friends published its first Captain Green Greens Frederick County, a coloring book to educate  Frederick County kids, and have done one every year since.  The book art is drawn entirely by kids in Frederick County;  download the art contest flier for 2011’s book here.  The coloring book text promotes responsible environmental behavior and action, acts as a portal for great conservation and environmental work being done around Frederick County with ways that kids can participate.  Captain Green becomes stronger when citizens participate in preserving their environment.

Eco-Heroes in Frederick County

Friends of Frederick County volunteers are developing a program based on the coloring book themes, and will have fun educational activities for kids throughout the year.  The event calendar will be posted here when it is ready.  The themes are:

  • Homegrown Here: Buy Frederick County produce and products and see that our farm families not only survive…but thrive!
  • Communities are for living, working and playing: Studies show that living close to amenities enhances one’s quality of life.
  • Green Our Urban Areas: Add urban gardens for food and animals..and green our rooftops!
  • Recycling: Let’s not produce more of the same, but instead reuse what we’ve already made!
  • Streamside Buffers: Be a steward and make sure the streams and rivers leaving Frederick County are as clean as they can be.
  • Bike it and Hike it: Support the county’s bikeways and trails plan; ride to shops, schools and movie theaters, use less gasoline and keep our air cleaner
  • Go Solar Frederick: Soak up some rays!
  • Parks and Protected Areas: Natural landscapes protect wildlife, watersheds and enhance our quality of life.
  • Farmland Preservation: Farmers can receive preservation funds by selling their right to develop land…and continue to farm.
  • Let it Blow: Letting wind power our county

Coloring Book Testimonials

In 2008 a FCPS Renzulli teacher noted that the drawing contest is “a fabulous way for our youngest citizens to think about ecological impacts of their actions.  This beautifully produced book is a terrific instructional resource” (Ms. Janet Manning, Renzulli Teacher May 2008).

In 2009 an elementary school English teacher had this to say about the publication:   “I just wanted you to know that I used the Captain Green [2009]  books with 3 fourth graders and 9 fifth graders with good success.  We read it together in their small groups.  Just a few pages at a time. Then they had to summarize a fact—-in their own words—-that they learned.  They also recorded them. I pulled numerous vocabulary words as we went and even though we defined and described them along the way this was a follow up.  They had to define and draw a sketch to help them remember each.  (Organic, composting, recycling etc. )  Coloring was the last piece and they were able to keep their own book to read with family.   Each signed the pledge (in ink) and said something they would be doing with family.  I was pleased.  So very much great stuff in the book.  I hope that a few hearts were educated and therefore converted to a green philosophy!!  (Ms. Mary  D. Rogers, ELL Teacher,  May 2009)

Teachers: buy a bundle of coloring books for your classroom. Parents: buy a bundle for your child’s teacher – as a holiday gift!