Would you like to help preserve what you love about FrederickCounty?

Copy of Copy of Platanthera ciliaris-1volunteer questionaire and email it to:  friends@friendsoffrederickcounty.org. You need not have special skills to be a big help to us.  OR register to adopt a grid in Frederick County;  the demands on your time will be just 4 hours each year…that’s all!

We appreciate our volunteers and have achieved so much because of them.

Some of our volunteer positions are filled, some waiting for you.  Read below to learn more.  And read more about some of our great volunteers:    Friends of Frederick County Celebrates its Volunteers!

Volunteer Needs 2012

  • Marketing/Outreach Specialist
  • Grant writer

FoFC’s Past and Current Volunteers :  FoFC truly appreciates all the support and effort on the part of these terrific volunteers!

  • IT Support:  Howard Spicer and Michael Veilleux (2009-2011)
  • Web design/social networking support (highly discounted rates):  Linda Schenk, Social Media Works
  • Eco-kids support:  Kori Junghans, Meghan Cadden (20010-2011), Karen Duha-Buchsbaum, Jeanine Aubertin (2011), Doug Moulden (2009-2012), Melanie Bell (2012)
  • Membership and administration:  Kori Junghans (2011), Sharon Gray (20010-2012)
  • Growth Policy Advocacy and Education:  Dan Hess, Sean McTamany (2011), David Boston (2011-2012),
  • Alternative Energy Outreach and Education, OURCommonWEalth: Rebecca Rush (2009-2012), Juliana Moss (2012)
  • Agricultural Heritage Project: Juliana Moss (2012)
  • Oak Hill Community Planning and Education, Rebecca Rush
  • Layout Support (donations and highly discounted rates):  Patrice Gallagher (2008-2012), Dolores Milmoe (2011-2012), Gallagher /Wood
  • Eco-Heroes:  Captain Green Eco-Art Coloring Book layout and graphic design:  Danielle Rinker, The Bicycle Escape, (2009-2011)
  • Accountant and Arquivist:  Sharon Gray (2010-2012)
  • Accounting Software Support:  Barbara Brewster (2008-2010)
  • Website Update Management: Peter Currer (2012)
  • Stream Watch Project: Julien Libert (2012)
  • Outreach and Communication: Julien Libert (2012)