Citizens Call For a Charter Amendment to Halt Costly Sprawl Development Along our National Scenic Byway

Friends of Frederick County launches a petition drive  for a charter amendment to change the boundaries of the City of Frederick, MD to exclude the Crum and Thatcher properties.

In September 2009 the City of Frederick’s Mayor and Aldermen[1] voted to annex two farms along Route 15 north of Frederick City for 1200 new homes and approximately 2.3 million ft2 of office space. Click to download the Annexation Resolution for the Crum Farm (09-18) and Resolution 09-19 Thatcher Annexation.

During the Fall 2009 citizens made a good faith effort to gather 20% of city voter signatures to put these annexations to referendum but fell short of our target due to the 45 day time allowed. Judging from overwhelming citizen involvement in that effort and interest in signing the petition for referendum it was clear that citizens of Frederick City do not agree that the development plans for the Crum and COPT/Thatcher properties promote the health, safety and welfare of our city nor county.   Read more details on the annexations, organization positions and related issues here and on the Frederick County government website.

This petition effort, to “de annex” these properties, allows unlimited time for signature gathering and when put on the ballot will give citizens the opportunity to vote their preference.

Download the Deannexation Petition for Referendum Here!

Please return the petition as soon as possible:

  • mail it to:  Friends of Frederick County,  4 E Church Street, Frederick MD   21701
  • call us at:  240 529 1655
  • drop off points to be announced

Contact us:

[1] Frederick City Elected Officials at time of annexations:  Mayor Jeff Holtzinger and Aldermen Marsha Hall, Alan Imhoff, Kip Koontz, Donna Kuzemchak and Paul Smith