PlanMaryland: what it is and opinions and public media about it

What Is PlanMaryland?

Over the next 20 years, there will be nearly 1,000,000 more people, over 400,000 additional households and over 600,000 new jobs in Maryland.

Where will all these people live and work, how will they get to their jobs?

What benefits and impact will this have on our existing communities, our natural resources and our transportation systems?

What role will the State and local governments have and how will a wide array of public, private and non-profit organizations all work together to plan for a sustainable future?

PlanMaryland, the State’s first comprehensive plan for sustainable growth and development, is intended to answer these and many other questions . . .

Read about PlanMaryland, look at local Frederick County land use map, add your comments to the interactive map etc.



Our local FNP editorial, Land Grab, tags PlanMaryland as a political plan – instead of the well thought out plan based on years of cost calculation.  People from other Maryland counties, as well as the Baltimore Sun, recognize the good in the plan and have spoken out.

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