State Planning Secretary corrects lobbyists (FNP letter to the editor)

No fangs in PlanMaryland

I am writing in response to the May 4 column in The Frederick News-Post about lobbyists hired to “defang” PlanMaryland. PlanMaryland wasn’t “defanged,” as the lobbyist put it to the rural counties who retained him. It wasn’t “fanged” in the first place. And its framework has not changed from what was originally laid out.Despite the efforts of those opposing smart growth to characterize PlanMaryland as the “bogeyman,” it is a business plan to guide state agencies to do a better job of aligning programs and policies to prioritize smart growth. 

Its objectives haven’t been altered either: Help curb sprawl that consumes farmland and forest, and that pollutes our local streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay, and promote growth where it is best suited.

If the good citizens hired the lobbyist mentioned in the article to “defang” PlanMaryland, they wasted their hard-earned money.


Richard Eberhart Hall, Maryland Secretary of Planning

Originally published May 15, 2012