Citizens lose again in taxpayers v BOCC: Frederick City drinking water soon to be dirtier

MAP linganore steep slopes erodible soils

Lake Linganore is the major drinking water source for Frederick City residents. Based upon a preliminary assessment it is clear that there are highly erodible soils and steep slopes adjacent to the streams and water bodies in the Linganore at Eaglehead PUD.   Clearing the land for development exacerbates sediment runoff into Lake Linganore and […]

CLEANWATER_LINGANORE, Inc forms to put stream health in Linganore on red alert!


Email the group at  

9/5/13 Glendening sees discrepancy between houses we are building and the type buyers want

Governor Glendening described exactly what FoFC has been saying.  The infrastructure needs for a community that is more dense and walkable is less.  And that there is a disconnect between what will sell and what we are building in Frederick County.  FoFC inserted the photos below (they are not part of the FNP article). Glendening […]

Register NOW to adopt a grid – 4 hours/year of volunteer time ONLY

DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM HERE! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s relaxing and only requires 4 hours of your time each year.  Moreover the help you give IS SO VERY IMPORTANT to collective efforts of many people and organizations working to help clean up our waters in Frederick County. There is cause for concern about our streams’ […]

FNP: New Partners in County Stream Improvement

New partners in county stream improvement New partners in county stream improvement For The Frederick News-Post | Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:00 am John Smucker recently partnered with the Potomac Conservancy as part of a project to remove a fish barrier, an outmoded dam and control bank erosion in Tuscarora Creek. He planted 55 […]

Watch the youtube: Plan for the Valleys, Baltimore County, receives national planning award

2/20/13 Citizen majority bay wide support clean up efforts and clean water

Marylanders support bay cleanup Originally published February 20, 2013 Recent letters have commented about efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. Stephen Seawright, past president of the Frederick County Building Industry Association, pointed out that an 80 percent majority of our current elected county commissioners are disinclined to support these local efforts. But he failed […]

2/7/13 Bay’s health showing progress

That some are lobbying Congress and suing in federal court to stop the progress [cleaning the Chesapeake Bay waters] is not only tragic, it is mind-boggling. All of us who value the Chesapeake and are determined to see a better future for our children and grandchildren must let our voices be heard. It is time […]

FNP: County pushes back on water cleanup regulations

County pushes back on water cleanup regulations Commissioners approve $25,000 payment to support coalition led by Dorchester County Originally published November 09, 2012 By Bethany Rodgers  Frederick County is putting $25,000 toward a mounting protest against water cleanup plans that county commissioners argue could burden local taxpayers.A coalition drawn together by Dorchester County officials is forming […]

Thank you Clean Water Act, and Happy Birthday!

The Clean Water Act, groundbreaking legislation passed 40 ago this week with strong bipartisan support despite Richard Nixon’s attempt to veto it , has been good to the people of this country.  That one Act made it illegal to pollute our waterways at a time when rivers were so dirty they caught fire and so […]