BOCC seeing serious resistance against privatization plan

This afternoon marked the end of the second public hearing regarding the BOCC’s plan (being pushed forward by Commissioners Young, Shreve and Delauter) to privatize core services in Frederick County and implement a public-private partnership. There was a huge turnout of County employees and residents at the first hearing on the evening of July 12th, […]

Blaine Young’s BOCC favors development over our kids and rapid privatization without justification – what do you stand for?

The APFO protecting our children’s education is under siege in the interest of unchecked development The current Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) schools test, combined with forward funding for schools, has brought Frederick County schools from over 125% overcrowding to a 90% system average. The objective of having an APFO is to ensure that schools […]

FNP article: “Nonprofits to Frederick County: Take time privatizing”

Nonprofits to Frederick County: Take time privatizing Ex-commissioner asks for ‘thoughtful’ tactics Originally published June 22, 2011 By Meg Tully News-Post Staff Leaders from two area nonprofit organizations are calling for the Frederick County Commissioners to slow down on a proposal to privatize more than 500 county government jobs. In his report to the commissioners, […]

FoFC position on privatization of County services

Background The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) in Frederick County is investigating privatizing county services.  Frederick County paid $25,000 to produce an analysis of developing public-private partnerships in Frederick County to Oliver Porter, who runs his own consulting firm called PPP Associates. Mr. Porter recommends that Frederick County switches to a public-private partnership for the […]

FNP LTE on the Privatization of Frederick County services

BoCC does not operate openly Originally published June 16, 2011 Blaine Young, president of the Frederick Board of County Commissioners, is putting the county on the fast track toward privatizing our government.In preparation, the BoCC traveled to Sandy Springs, Ga., and then paid $25,000 for a report on the feasibility of privatization in Frederick County. […]

05-20-2011 Gazette online: Frederick County to revisit zoning changes

Rezoning farmland for residential buildings requires that road construction (and maintenance), school space, sewer extension, water provision and emergency services are calculated into the cost of the development.  Keep your eyes on the budget – more often than not those costs are underestimated.  It is often touted that developers will pay those costs, but they […]

Frederick County MD: Energy Success Story

Watch this video to learn what your county is doing to save energy…for your future! Check out the Green Homes Challenge!

The Myths, Truths and Facts about Residential Building in Frederick County

We often hear statements about growth and development in Frederick County that sound true- but that may be false.  Those falsehoods are often spoken by those with vested economic interests in having people believe them without question.  The problems associated with the “boom and bust” residential overbuilding in Frederick County have affected the lives of […]

Why DeAnnex the Crum and COPT/Thatcher Properties?

Download the Deannexation Petition for Charter Amendment Here! Friends of Frederick County Position on Crum and COPT/Thatcher Annexations into Frederick City We believe that our county and city should protect the Monocacy River corridor, productive farmland, scenic vistas, and a buffer between Frederick and Walkersville. At this time there is adequate development planned in the […]

Citizen Asks for Legacy of Thoughtful Growth..for a Healthy Future

The issue of growth in Frederick County is one that concerns and affects me greatly, and therefore I feel compelled to address the subject with those who can really do something about it. Often I hear the statement, “Frederick County will grow by 50,000 people in the next ….years…we have to be ready for that…”  […]