Gazette: Keller property annexation in Frederick postponed to July 9 (Public Hearing @ 6pm, City Hall)

Published: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Keller property annexation in Frederick postponed to July 9 by Sherry Greenfield Staff Writer People living near the Keller property in Frederick will have another chance to tell city planners why they don’t want 750 to 850 homes built there. The City of Frederick Planning Commission tabled a decision on the […]

3-2012 Linowes and Blocher request that Frederick County lift the age restriction on 1100 family Lansdale development, Monrovia

Read the Lansdale PUD letter here.

Binding Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) up for consideration; no standards for school, road or emergency service adequacy

Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is in the process of rezoning up to 15,000 acres of farmland and open space in Frederick County for development.   In the past when projects enter the development process Frederick County has relied on a local ordinance to help protect all citizens from […]

FoFC: facts on northern annexations

Annexation facts Originally published March 18, 2012 O In Sunday’s (March 4) letter regarding the Crum and Thatcher annexations and development the author says, “I feel if built as advertised it should help traffic and give added tax base to both the city and the county.” I don’t know what advertising the author refers to, […]

Plaintiffs in northern annexation case ask that Frederick City comply with judges order

January 2012- In compliance with the official court order by Judge Stepler in December 2011 (Official court transcript 12-8-11),  Defendants, Frederick CIty, provided admission responses.  Plaintiff review deemed that several of the answers were inadequate, and have  (on Febr 2, 2012) requested that the defendants comply and answer plaintiff’ questions. On the horizon: There is a trial scheduled […]

Maryland passes smart growth policies that support kids walking to school

Why can’t Johnny walk to school? (Soon, he might) October 28, 2011 David T. Whitaker, AICP Land Use, Smart Growth, Planning urban planning,smart growth, maryland department of planning, martin o’malley, Maryland Board of Public Works, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Maryland Department of Transportation,school construction 1 Comment State Treasurer Nancy Kopp, Governor Marting O’Malley and Comptroller Peter Franchot. In late October 2011, Maryland’s […]

09-20-2011 BOCC proposing changes that will impact education: overcrowding classrooms and redistricting

At a meeting today the Board of County Commissions and Board of Education are discussing BOCC proposal to ammend the school mitigation fee ordinance to allow even more overcrowded classrooms (from 120% state rated capacity to 125%.  And the BOCC has proposed countywide redistricting every 7-10 years. Read the agenda here:

In FoFC’s opinion: Disastrous BoCC intention

Originally published  in the Frederick News Post September 18, 2011 The Frederick Board of County Commissioners is discussing growth plans that will cost county taxpayers approximately $540 million in new schools alone — and have you tied up in traffic on crowded roads in coming years. Do you really want that? Suburban sprawl is not […]

FNP Sprawl Poll Results: 70% in favor of state intervention to prevent sprawl

Frederick News Post “Sprawl” Poll Results: 09/14/11 – 09/16/11 Do you believe the state should step into Frederick County’s revision of the comprehensive plan to prevent sprawl? Yes 70% No 29% Not sure 1% Total Votes: 80   Read about sprawling plans for Frederick County. .

FoFC requests state intervention in land-use proceedings

    September 13, 2011       The Honorable Martin O’Malley Office of the Governor State of Maryland State House Annapolis, MD 21401   Re:         Petition for Intervention in Land-Use Proceedings Before the Board of County Commissioners of Frederick County   Dear Governor O’Malley:   We are writing to request that the State of […]