COMING SOON: 1735 new homes in Linganore, more cars more new students; are we prepared?

Tuesday June 18th, 2013 Public Hearing on Eaglehead Planned Urban Development (PUD) and 25 year DRRA with Board of County Commissioners, Winchester Hall, 12 E Church St. Frederick Wednesday May 22nd, 2013  Public Hearing on Eaglehead PUD and 25 year DRRA with Planning Commission, Winchester Hall, 12 E Church St. Frederick Find out more… OLD NEWS March 4, 2013  “Town Hall […]

October 2011 rezoning fact/q and a sheet: see what could happen near your home


Blaine Young’s BOCC favors development over our kids and rapid privatization without justification – what do you stand for?

The APFO protecting our children’s education is under siege in the interest of unchecked development The current Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) schools test, combined with forward funding for schools, has brought Frederick County schools from over 125% overcrowding to a 90% system average. The objective of having an APFO is to ensure that schools […]

FNP article: “Nonprofits to Frederick County: Take time privatizing”

Nonprofits to Frederick County: Take time privatizing Ex-commissioner asks for ‘thoughtful’ tactics Originally published June 22, 2011 By Meg Tully News-Post Staff Leaders from two area nonprofit organizations are calling for the Frederick County Commissioners to slow down on a proposal to privatize more than 500 county government jobs. In his report to the commissioners, […]

FoFC position on privatization of County services

Background The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) in Frederick County is investigating privatizing county services.  Frederick County paid $25,000 to produce an analysis of developing public-private partnerships in Frederick County to Oliver Porter, who runs his own consulting firm called PPP Associates. Mr. Porter recommends that Frederick County switches to a public-private partnership for the […]

FNP LTE on the Privatization of Frederick County services

BoCC does not operate openly Originally published June 16, 2011 Blaine Young, president of the Frederick Board of County Commissioners, is putting the county on the fast track toward privatizing our government.In preparation, the BoCC traveled to Sandy Springs, Ga., and then paid $25,000 for a report on the feasibility of privatization in Frederick County. […]

Let’s do the math (FNP)

Let’s do the math Originally published June 06, 2010 In his letter to your newspaper on May 23, Thomas Lynch, a principal in the law firm of Miles and Stockbridge, issued a call for “serious, honest and consensus-seeking discussion” about development in our county. We support this call — an informed and respectful exchange is […]

Citizen expresses disappointment with Frederick City Planning Commission annexation recommendation

I am compelled to express my disappointment in the Frederick’s Planning Commission actions discussed in FNP’s June 9, 2009 article “Planning Commission Recommends Major Additions to City Limits” and specifically the Commission’s June 8 meeting recommendation to annex almost 400 acres of Thatcher and Crum farmland north of the city and east and west of […]

City’s Selection of Land Management Code Review Committee Favors Special Interests

Friends of Frederick County asks questions of Mayor Holtzinger on the selection process and transparency of the LMC Committee and requests corrections to the names and affiliations of participants: January 15, 2008 Via Email William J. Holtzinger Mayor, City of Frederick City Hall 101 North Court Street Frederick, MD 21701-5415 Ref: Land Management Code (LMC) […]