Polluted county streams to blame for City’s drinking water contamination

In 2013 City of Frederick tap water violated federal health standards for carcinogenic chlorination byproducts.  Three of the 8 official sampling sites had contaminant levels above what is considered safe for drinking.  This health hazard is a result of polluted source water (streams, rivers, lake); it is not due to any deficiency on the part of the Frederick […]

June 22nd: Support Cleanwater-Linganore and their stream protection efforts


8/24/13 FNP: New Market reconsiders annexation plans

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Expert affidavits on New Market growth plans illustrate likely tax increases, congested roads, overcrowded schools and harm to environmentally sensitive areas

In 2011, Friends of Frederick County, the Audubon Society of Central Maryland and 13 residents filed a complaint in the Frederick County Circuit Court against the Town of New Market asserting that the Town’s Master Plan, the Municipal Growth Element, failed to satisfy the requirements of the State law.  (Friends of Frederick County et al. […]

FoFC’s testimony on the 2011 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Review in their consideration of 193 rezoning applications

Response to Frederick County Commissioners Young, Gray, Smith, DeLauter and Shreve, ref:  the 2011 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Review in their consideration of 193 rezoning applications Date:  January 31, 2012 Due to a number of phone calls and emails from people wanting to know what is happening with respect to the rezonings, I thought it […]

03-18-2011 Mayor Burhans reacts to citizens’ lawsuit in New Market

New Market mayor not threatened by lawsuit, says plan has town’s best interests in mind Originally published March 18, 2011 By Patti S. Borda Photo by Sam Yu New Market Mayor Winslow Burhans III talks Wednesday about one of the areas he would like to annex to be part of New Market. The area is […]

03-05-2011 FNP: Friends of Frederick County wrongly vilified by New Market-area resident

This letter is in response to Mark Koehler’s Feb. 28 letter titled “Not Friends …” in which he takes to task Friends of Frederick County’s involvement in the politics of New Market. I, too, have a New Market mailing address, albeit not in the Town of New Market; however, I live very close to the […]

Download Flyer Showing How New Market will Double in Size

Click here to download the one page flyer for distribution. Contact Friends of Frederick County to find out more about the Municipal Growth Plan process:  friends@friendsoffrederickcounty.org ref:  New Market MGE

County officials and New Market leaders to go to mediation over growth plan

At Winchester Hall Monday, Sept 20th at 7pm: Will your taxes go to support sprawl? Join us to voice your opinion!

How many residential units can be built in Linganore before roads fail?

The Revised (December 2007) Traffic Study for the New Market Region concludes that, even if reduced by 1000 residential units, development authorized in the April 2007 Draft Region Plan would result in widespread failure and near failure of critical roadway links throughout the Region. On December 18th, 2007 FoFC asked the Board of County Commissioners […]