12-28-11 FoFC clarifies difference between “smart growth” and “no-growth”

“Old, tired battle” mischaracterized Originally published December 28, 2011 In a Dec. 21 FNP commentary, Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young laments that “this old, tired battle of growth versus no growth is not going to get us anywhere.” I agree with Young that we have an “old, tired battle” in Frederick County — but it […]

12-20-11 FNP: Local leaders criticize governor’s smart growth plan

Local leaders criticize governor’s smart-growth plan An executive order signed Monday by Gov. Martin O’Malley lays the groundwork for a long-term plan to address sustainable growth in the state.Dubbed PlanMaryland, the proposal has drawn the ire of some elected officials representing rural communities. “I’m thinking of a ladylike way to express how I feel about […]

PlanMaryland makes good economic sense

Frederick County might lobby against its own economic best interest? It’s our money BoCC is spending Originally published November 09, 2011   The Board of County Commissioners might join with other counties to hire a lobbyist who will “follow” PlanMaryland. Following is one thing, but spending our tax dollars lobbying to sabotage it is another.PlanMaryland […]

Maryland passes smart growth policies that support kids walking to school

Why can’t Johnny walk to school? (Soon, he might) October 28, 2011 David T. Whitaker, AICP Land Use, Smart Growth, Planning urban planning,smart growth, maryland department of planning, martin o’malley, Maryland Board of Public Works, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Maryland Department of Transportation,school construction 1 Comment State Treasurer Nancy Kopp, Governor Marting O’Malley and Comptroller Peter Franchot. In late October 2011, Maryland’s […]

MDP responds to Frederick County leaders on PlanMaryland

Young wrong on PlanMaryland Originally published October 01, 2011 Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young, in a recent commentary in The Frederick News-Post (“PlanMaryland designed to stifle us,” Sept. 23), demonstrates how someone who is losing an argument on its merits will summon scare tactics to oppose it.He contends the administration avoided the state legislature. […]

FoFC weighs in on PlanMaryland (Baltimore Sun 9/25/11)

PlanMaryland: an easy sell to taxpayers Maryland Planning Secretary Richard Hall is on the right track with PlanMaryland, as he and his staff are working to develop a strategic development plan to accommodate the million-plus people that will move into our state in the future (“High cost of sprawl should not be ignored,” Sept. 23). […]

Public Comment on PlanMaryland due by November 9, 2011

Revised Draft Plan – September 2011 After reviewing 120 days of public comment on its initial draft of PlanMaryland the Maryland Department of Planning on September 9, 2011 released a revised draft. MDP is requesting public comment on the revised draft through November 9, 2011 before it prepares a plan to submit to Governor Martin […]

FoFC Board Chair weighs in: Our state needs PlanMaryland

Our state needs PlanMaryland Originally published August 31, 2011 http://www.fredericknewspost.com/sections/storyTools/print_archive_story.htm?storyID=129346, published August 31, 2011   The Frederick News-Post’s Aug. 26 editorial falsely portrays PlanMaryland in shades of red and blue. Plan Maryland is not about pitting Republicans against Democrats, nor is it about property rights. It is about sound decision-making and building communities where they make […]

FNP article: “County receives about 200 rezoning requests”

County receives about 200 rezoning requests Originally published July 20, 2011 By Bethany Rodgers The New Market and Linganore regions are the focus of a high volume of requests by property owners for changes to Frederick County’s comprehensive plan, a county official said Tuesday.The county commissioners voted in May to revisit the 2010 comprehensive plan […]

Blaine Young’s BOCC favors development over our kids and rapid privatization without justification – what do you stand for?

The APFO protecting our children’s education is under siege in the interest of unchecked development The current Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) schools test, combined with forward funding for schools, has brought Frederick County schools from over 125% overcrowding to a 90% system average. The objective of having an APFO is to ensure that schools […]