Stormwater audit exposes the importance of inspectors and clean water enforcement!

 A June 7, 2013 email note from Richard Klein, Community and Environmental Defense Services An October, 2011 Audit of the Severn River watershed revealed that hundreds of stormwater ponds and other practices had failed due to a lack of maintenance.  The Audit then uncovered the cause – a 2001 decision by Anne Arundel County to severely cut-back stormwater staff from seven inspectors to […]

Watch the youtube: Plan for the Valleys, Baltimore County, receives national planning award

Green Economic Development saves money and makes for better living: 2 reports of interest

Across the country, communities are struggling with how to fix and replace failing and outdated infrastructure and meet new demand to manage stormwater and protect clean water. American Rivers worked with the American Society of Landscape Architects, ECONorthwest, and the Water Environment Federation to release the Banking-on-Green report to build on the current understanding of the […]

Rally to oppose the Young Board’s budget, Wedn May 2nd at 5pm

STAND IN SOLIDARITY FOR YOUR COMMUNITY: May 2nd 5-6pm at TJ High School RALLY for a budget that supports our schools, non profits and community services !! On May 2nd the BoCC will be holding a hearing on the Operating Budget for our schools and a number of programs and services to our Frederick community. Now […]

What’s up with the Young BOCC budget

Here’s the truth on the county budget Budget baloney Originally published April 18, 2012 It is time for the truth about the county budget.Since Blaine Young has been in office, the county budget has grown. Contrary to the rhetoric, the budget has grown, spending has increased, and so has the size of government!  The first […]

2-21-12 Public Hearing: Will the BOCC give developers, lobbyists/lawyers the power to negotiate the adequacy of our schools and roads?

Public Hearing tonight: 2/21 @ 7PM The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is in the process of rezoning up to 15,000 acres of farmland and open space in Frederick County for development. In the past when projects enter the development process Frederick County has relied on a local ordinance to help protect all citizens from […]

Sustainable growth policies for rural areas: making communities attractive for investment

Maryland Department of Planning’s Sustainable Growth Commission is studying ways to make smart growth development more economically attractive to the developers. Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission: how can we encourage infill? How do we persuade more people and businesses to choose existing communities when they choose where they will live, work and invest? Can we encourage […]

12-14-11 Citizen opinion “PlanMaryland promotes public good”

PlanMaryland promotes public good Originally published December 14, 2011  FNP Don Kornreich writes in his Sunday, Dec. 11 column, “PlanMaryland and private property rights,” that the proposed PlanMaryland evokes eminent domain and the taking of private property. This is a serious stretch of the imagination!Kornreich himself reports that PlanMaryland is “intended to provide a framework, […]

PlanMaryland makes good economic sense

Frederick County might lobby against its own economic best interest? It’s our money BoCC is spending Originally published November 09, 2011   The Board of County Commissioners might join with other counties to hire a lobbyist who will “follow” PlanMaryland. Following is one thing, but spending our tax dollars lobbying to sabotage it is another.PlanMaryland […]

Maryland passes smart growth policies that support kids walking to school

Why can’t Johnny walk to school? (Soon, he might) October 28, 2011 David T. Whitaker, AICP Land Use, Smart Growth, Planning urban planning,smart growth, maryland department of planning, martin o’malley, Maryland Board of Public Works, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Maryland Department of Transportation,school construction 1 Comment State Treasurer Nancy Kopp, Governor Marting O’Malley and Comptroller Peter Franchot. In late October 2011, Maryland’s […]