Water Watchers work to clean Rock Creek (FNP 10/31/14)


By Lisa Troshinsky Special to the News-Post | Posted: Friday, October 31, 2014 2:00 am


Rock Creek — a small but polluted stream in Frederick — became cleaner on Oct. 25, thanks to the Clean Water Healthy Kids Campaign, an initiative of Friends of Frederick County and its partners Wells Fargo and the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.


FoFC, a nonprofit founded in 2004, promotes protecting stream and open spaces as well as land-use planning that minimizes impacts on the environment.



photo by Bill Green, FNP

The campaign, that started in September and involves four cleanup dates through early November, solicits volunteers, families, businesses, neighborhood groups, churches and schools to join FoFC’s teams of Water Watchers to clean up 10 stream segments within the city.


The Clean Water campaign “will help Frederick City residents understand the connection between clean streams, their drinking water, their health and city pride,” said Janice Wiles, campaign coordinator.


Why the urgency?


In 2013, City of Frederick tap water violated federal health standards for carcinogenic chlorination byproducts, said a FoFC report released this year. Three of the eight official sampling sites had contaminant levels above what is considered safe for drinking.

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